How can I end the WIK period?

Search for the consumer or business you wish to end a WIK period. >>How to search for a debtor

Once you have found the profile of the person or company you are looking for, select the Debtco case number from which you want to activate an WIK period.

factuur specialist

If there are objections in the process, the running workflow needs to be stopped. We do this by using an WIK period.

To do that, go to Plan new activity and press Start dispute.

Dispute workflow

You will be redirected to the pop-up as below. Please give a description of the objection and after that, press Start dispute. 

Dispute workflow 1

As you can see, the previous workflow has been put on hold, and the dispute workflow has been started in the activity panel.

Dispute workflow 2

If you want to end the WIK period, go to Plan new activity again and press End dispute.

Dispute workflow 3