Intelligent, Simple & Powerfull Digital Collections

Beautifully designed and incredibly simple to use. CollectIC offers a full stack of digital collections software that oversees all your collections activities. Enabling you to reach and engage with your customers at scale, faster than ever before.

CollectIC Insights

THE FOCUS Removing friction from collections

We built CollectIC with a promise to never compromise on customer experience. Our platform personalises the time, channel, and payment solutions in a way that helps customers resolve their outstanding balances that helps improve your recovery rates!

CollectIC Workflows

THE SOFTWARE Data Driven, Digitally Minded, Scalable & Flexible

Through cutting edge technology, CollectIC is a simple but powerful piece of kit. Our platform lets you send thousands of payment notices in seconds via any channel you prefer. What's more, you can monitor, track and analyse all interactions with our beautifully designed, yet advanced user interface that puts your customer at the heart of your collections process!

CollectIC Insights Activities
CollectIC Insights

CUSTOMER SUCCESS Debtco International uses CollectIC to focus on unrecovered debt!

DebtCO Collections Service

Debtco started in 2018 as an agency focused purely on collecting unrecovered debt. By using the collectic platform we were able to use our impressive data handling and enrichment solutions to find a debtor and re-establish contact.

In addition, Debtco needed to automate large portions of their workflow and so our visual workflow editor proved invaluable in being to act quickly and effectively. 

THE FEATURES CollectIC at a glance

Our platform is constantly evolving to provide ever new features and enhancements. With our state of the art platform, we pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the times so you can operate faster and better than before

Data Management

Managing the volume and velocity of debtor data and invoices can be overwhelming and create unnecessary complexity. We at CollectIC are focused on making your data experience an easy and trouble free one. From reducing friction on import to fully automated enrichment, our approach is all new.

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Make broken debtor communications a thing of the past. Chat with each debtor in a single conversation that threads together multiple communication channels in a unique agent interface. Bringing together all the context that delivers the ultimate personalised experience.

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Dashboards & Analytics

Quickly go from data to insights to action. Arm your team with data, unlock their curiosity, and unleash their creativity. Our dynamic dashboards helps your business to improve recovery rates by enabling your teams to work faster and smarter, as well as improve collaboration with your customers.

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Intelligent Automation

The power of our communication solutions at the tips of your fingers, without writing a single line of code. Our user-friendly visual editor is filled with pre-built communication flows that you can use. Alternatively create new workflows in minutes. All options possible.

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LETS CHAT CollectIC gives you everything you need to establish contact with customers via their channel of choice. Let's chat to see how we can help your business.