An all new intelligent collections platform

Beautifully designed and incredibly simple to use. CollectIC offers a full stack of software that oversees all your collections activities enabling you to act faster than ever before. 

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The complete collections software

CollectIC offers a full stack of software that oversees all your collection activities enabling you to act faster than ever before. Our platform is a state of the art solution that provides easy integrations to your systems, powerful enrichment services and an advanced visual workflow app that supports you in driving real-life personalised conversations.

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CollectIC combines speed, collaboration and control

Simple & Powerful

Our simple, yet advanced user interface is easy-to-use, which means less time and money invested in training.

Scalable & Flexible

Our easy-to-implement, highly customizable solution grows with you. Add what you need, when you need it.

Secure & Compliant

Stay on top of compliance requirements, risk management, security, and data access.


From the first contact to last payment, you can automate your business processes and increase efficiency.


Debtco International uses CollectIC to focus on unrecovered debt

DebtCO Collections Service

Debtco started in 2018 as an agency focused purely on collecting unrecovered debt. By using the collectic platform we were able to use our impressive data handling and enrichment solutions to find a debtor and re-establish contact.

In addition, Debtco needed to automate large portions of their workflow and so our visual workflow editor proved invaluable in being to act quickly and effectively. 


CollectIC at a glance

Make importing data an effective touch point in your collections journey. CollectIC helps you reduce friction on imports by eliminating the need to rework files prior to upload and increasing the success rate on your first attempt with our easy-to-use, purpose-designed interface.

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Match your records against your own dataset or an external source. Our elasticsearch matching solution lets you perform and combine many types of searches - structured, unstructured, geo - any way you want. This power ensures you help find existing debtors quickly and easily.

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Turn your old data in to powerful insights with our forensic data collection solution. We use forensic web technology to help deliver intelligent insight that is both targeted and actionable. Enabling you to re-establish contact quickly with debtors that have fallen off the radar.

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The power of our communication solutions at the tips of your fingers, without writing a single line of code. Our user-friendly visual editor is filled with pre-built communication flows that you can use. Alternatively create new workflows in minutes. All options are possible.

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Make broken debtor communication a thing of the past. Chat with each debtor in a single conversation that threads together multiple communication channels in a unique agent interface. Bringing together all the context that delivers the ultimate personalized experience.

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Start with a blank canvas to build your communication templates from scratch or kickstart your process with one of our ready-to-go templates. Our template editor is a visual multi-channel & mobile responsive solution that enables you to design powerful own branded communications.

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White labelling

Do you need our platform to be branded in your own logo? Or rather than use our cloud based UI you want to connect to your own data environment? No problem. CollectIC has multiple options that suits any collections business regardless of size or volume of collection files.

So many features and more

Our platform is constantly evolving to provide ever new features and enhancements. With our state of the art platform, we pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the times so you can operate faster and better than before.


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In 2017, one of the most popular articles to hit the web was the Economist’s ‘The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data’. It’s view that data is the new driver of growth and change in this new millennium went viral, but it failed to point out that data is only as…

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Introducing CollectIC Platform: An easy, intuitive way to manage your collections

By admincollectic | February 1, 2020 |

We are excited to announce the arrival of CollectIC, a significant step forward in digitalizing the debt collections industry.   Across the globe, companies are trying to understand people better and how they can establish contact via the right channel. Therefore implementing a digital collections strategy to properly contact their customers who are in debt…

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CollectIC Importer – a new standard for handling data

By Darren Tebbitt | January 20, 2020 |

Throughout the process of developing the CollectIC platform we constantly asked ourselves the following questions. “How will we handle data and make it easy for our customers?” and “What would the experience look like if we took it from a product design perspective?”   During my career at Dun & Bradstreet I often saw frustration…

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Find the best plan that suits your business


Great for:
Companies looking to upgrade their own specific services with modules from the CollectIC platform.

Modules available:



Workflows (limited availability)

Communications API

Template Builder (Drag & Drop)

To get a full list, contact us

Full License

Great for:
Fully license the CollectIC platform with all services


Cloud based Interface with own CRM

Full data handling capabilities including the following:

  • Importer inclusive data cleaning ML
  • Data Matching - structured / unstructured

Visual workflow editor

Communications templates builder

Dynamic dashboards

Full API availability

White labelling - multi brand options

To get a full list, contact us


Great for:
Agencies for all shapes and sizes looking for a trusted party to manage all their re-collections on unrecovered debt cases


Re-collections as a service

Reporting and Analytics dashboard

Customer dashboard

Importer access

Guaranteed improvement in recovery rates resulting in revenue

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