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Businesses look to CollectIC to improve the performance and recovery rates of their collections. Managing the volume and velocity of debtor data and invoices can be overwhelming and create unnecessary complexity. We at CollectIC are focused on making your data experience an easy and trouble free one!

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DATA A seamless data handling experience

Importing, cleansing, matching and enriching data have become essential tasks in today's data driven world. The CollectIC platform was developed to reduce friction on your data journey so you can spend more time using your data to improve recovery rates!


An import experience that is fast, effective and easy for all users


Easily identify errors in your data such as missing fields or incomplete data elements


Align your data to our data (or other sources) via our elastic search engine


Enrich your data via our unique forensic data collection process

CollectIC Importer

IMPORT An elegant, easy-to-use purpose designed import interface

CollectIC importer is a simple CSV data importer that guarantees to improve the customer journey when handling data. For users, it means no more difficult file manipulation just to upload their data. CollectIC Import is designed to support users of any technical skill level. Within a few clicks, you can import, cleanse and match all from a modern and beautifully designed interface.

CLEANSE Ensure imported data is clean and ready to use!

Beyond simply matching columns and spotting missing fields, CollectIC also proactively cleans imported files. Names, phone numbers, percentages, and dates are automatically identified as issues helping you clean your information faster than ever before.

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Collectic invalid records

MATCH Align your data to ours, your own or any other data sources

Find matches at unprecedented speeds and accuracy to integrate data, remove duplicates, and enrich records using intelligent, best-in-class data matching software, regardless of where your data comes from.

ENRICH We boost data value with robust data solutions

Increasing your recovery rates is our primary goal. However if contact is lost with debtors it is usually down to poor quality data. Comprehensive data enrichment practices elevate the value of your data, enhancing your chance of re-establishing contact and improving your results.


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