A seamless data handling experience

Importing, cleansing, matching and enriching data have become essential tasks in today's data driven world. The CollectIC platform was developed to reduce friction on your data journey so you can spend more time using your data to improve recovery rates!

  • Import
  • Cleanse
  • Match
  • Enrich
Collectic Data
  • Import

An elegant, easy-to-use purpose designed import interface.

CollectIC importer ingests data through a range of formats including csv, Excel, text, JSON and soon other data platforms. Import data either direct from your system or manually where our intuitive interface helps you to organise the data ensuring CollectIC keeps your data ready and available at all times.

  • Import any shape or size of data.
  • No previous data handling experience needed.
  • Automatic field type validations.
  • Cleanse

Ensure imported data is clean and ready to use!

Beyond simply matching columns and spotting missing fields, CollectIC also proactively cleans imported files. Names, phone numbers, percentages, and dates are just some of the cleaning tools that CollectIC automatically identifies as issues helping you clean your information faster than ever before.

  • Powered by the CollectIC Machine learning engine.
  • Step by step guide on how to improve the quality of your data.
  • Global telephone verification service.
  • Match

Align your data to ours, your own or any other data sources

Find matches at unprecedented speeds and accuracy to integrate data, remove duplicates, and enrich records using intelligent, best-in-class data matching software, regardless of where your data comes from. CollectIC Match can either match against your database or leverage best in class services from the likes of Dun & Bradstreet.

  • Configurable matching output.
  • Manual matching capabilities.
  • B2B and B2C matching capabilities.
  • Enrich

Boosting data value with CollectIC Skip Tracing

Increasing your recovery rates is our primary goal. However if contact is lost with debtors it is usually down to poor data. CollectIC Skip-Tracing solution elevates the value of your data by forensically searching through publicly available data sources for new contact information. Enabling the ability to re-establish contact and improve your recovery results.

  • Forensic enrichment used by law enforcement.
  • Automatically identify new contact data from public sources.
  • Powered by the CollectIC workflows.

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