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We at CollectIC love new releases and this once is epic. A major new upgrade which sees us implement our new business case module, a cool new feature in FinView, ability to handle US cases and some brilliant user interface enhancements. Find out more from our very own Chief Product Officer Dylan!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the FinView Online app. Powered by the CollectIC platform, FinView Online enables individuals or companies the ability to easily view the details on their case, manage their own data and communicate directly with support teams via their preferred channel of communication.

Despite it being the summer, our development team have not slowed down one bit. Work continues on the CollectIC Mobile App however and in the meantime, read about our new client portal, text to voice communication and our global telephone verification service.

Launching our new feature - CollectIC-Desk, an intelligent ticketing system that dramatically improves the service you can offer to your clients. Additional features were deployed with our favourites being a new design to CollectIC-Inbox and a new way to navigate through your customers file. We hope you enjoy!

Mobile apps, chatbots, digital payments, self-service and PSD2. Just a few of the trends our co-founder Darren Tebbitt covers in this insightful blog that addresses some of the key trends that will change the collections industry this year and next.

It has been quite a few months since we provided an update on our progress. That does not mean to say we have not been busy. Aside from continuous improvements to our platform, we decided to bring a fresh new look to our website.

We at CollectIC love fast and frequent releases. We are constantly adding improvements and features to our platform and this blog showcases just some of our favourite highlights.

Hear first hand from our UX designer Huan Yang on the approach she took in designing the CollectIC user interface. Our technology partner Finaps, brought Huan in to help us map out the process of collections and bring not only efficiencies to the process, but all wrapped into a stunningly designed user interface that is truly second to none!

CollectIC Inbox is our new communications feature that enables you to connect with debtors on any channel they choose. We bring all the communication threads into one easily manageable interface that is designed to help agencies create exceptional experiences with fewer responses and fewer clicks.

Since we released our platform, we have been on a relentless mission to release new features and enhancements. June was an amazing month in which we implemented many features. Read the blog from our Chief Product Officer Dylan De Blieck on some of his favorite new features!

Digitisation of debt collections is still at the very beginning and is widely known to be seriously lagging behind when compared to digital shopping. The majority of collection CEO's all recognise the need to transform their business to keep up with the times, however struggle to justify the benefits. For us @collectic we already see benefits for our customers since our launch...

We are excited to announce the arrival of CollectIC, a significant step forward in digitalising the debt collections industry.   With recent events creating volatility and uncertainty around the world, we see CollectIC as the collections platform that can help businesses move towards a digital collections strategy that helps improve recovery rates and mitigate potential…

Throughout the process of developing the CollectIC platform we constantly asked ourselves the following questions. “How will we handle data and make it easy for our customers?” and “What would the experience look like if we took it from a product design perspective?”   During my career at Dun & Bradstreet I often saw frustration…

In 2017, one of the most popular articles to hit the web was the Economist’s ‘The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data’. It’s view that data is the new driver of growth and change in this new millennium went viral, but it failed to point out that data is only as…