Omnichannel Conversations Manage all internal and external communications in one place

Catering for all channels of debtor communications

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Engage debtors on their preferred channels using a single platform

CollectIC SMS

Programmable SMS

Reach any phone or any device, anywhere, with our fast and powerful API solution

CollectIC API

One API layer

Access the world's most popular communication channels through a single API

CollectIC Workflow

Create custom communication flows with a visual editor without writing any code

OMNI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS One Inbox for all communications

See all messages with a debtor in a single thread, across all communication channels; email, SMS, voice, online chat, Telegram, WeChat and more...

Collectic Inbox 1

FULL ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT One seamless thread for all activities

Insert and view all events relating to the debtor all in one place, including communications from the inbox, escalations, payments, payment plans, disputes registered, and any other action performed.

Annotate the debtor's sentiment or tone of voice towards your business, making future interactions more relevant.

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Discover our channels and our ever growing directory

  • SMS

  • WhatsApp

  • Voice

  • Messenger

  • Email

  • Telegram

  • WeChat

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Skype

  • Apple Business Chat

  • Video

  • Slack

  • Twitter


Multiple channels, one seamless communication thread

Collectic multi channel

Debtor preferred channel

Automatically contact debtors on the last used channel, while retaining the freedom to select a different channel when needed.

Collectic 360 profile

360° debtor profile

Anonymous debtors are a thing of the past. Identify users and add them to an existing profile to deliver the personalized experience

CollectIC SMS

Unified conversation

One debtor, one conversation. Find all debtor interactions on connected channels in a single thread, and never lose context.



Our programmable conversations API connects with consumers and businesses on an ever growing number of channels all providing that single view.

CollectIC Fallback

Channel fallbacks

Configure your workflow to automatically manager channel fallouts. In the event in which a channel fails, set a fallback to ensure your message is read.

Collectic Build yourself

Build your own channel

Do you want to use a communication channel that we do not have yet? No problem, our API is built to easily add new channels as and when you need it.


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