Find the consumer or company you would wish to edit a ticket against. >>How to search for a debtor

For edit a ticket, go to the ticket in the activity panel. After this, press the orange eye and continue to the next step.

Edit ticket 1

Make sure you have selected the correct ticket before editing the ticket.

To complete the ticket, you need to press the Edit button located at the left corner.

Edit ticket 2

You will be redirected to the next pop-up window. You can edit the details of your ticket in the pop-up window. The details are explained below:

Name: enter the subject of the ticket.
Description: what was discussed, give a description.
Current status: indicate the status of the ticket: not started, started or finished
Type: what type is it: whatsapp, debtor enrichment, incoming email linked, inlinked payment and payment plan finished.
Date: which date should be assigned to the ticket.
Assigned to role: which role is it assigned to: admin, manager or specialist.


Edit ticket 3
Edit ticket 4

As you can see, the case number is immediately added to the ticket.

Don't forget to press Save after completing the pop-up.

Edit ticket 5

The ticket has been updated in the activity panel.