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There are two options for creating a ticket. We'll start with option 1:

To create a ticket go to Plan new activity in the activity panel.

Ticket 1

Click on Create ticket to create a ticket.

Ticket 2

You will be redirected to the next pop-up window. You can edit the details of your ticket in the pop-up window. The details are explained below:

Name: enter the subject of the ticket.
Description: what was discussed, give a description.
Current status: indicate the status of the ticket: not started, started or finished
Type: what type is it: whatsapp, debtor enrichment, incoming email linked, inlinked payment and payment plan finished.
Date: which date should be assigned to the ticket.
Assigned to role: which role is it assigned to: admin, manager or specialist.

Ticket 3

Do not forget to press Save after you finished the pop-up.

Ticket 4

You can see that the ticket has been created in the activity panel.

Option 2, click on Tickets in the main menu. After this, press Create new at the right corner of the activity panel. 

Ticket 5

You can enter the same information as the option above. 

Ticket 6

Do not forget to press Save after you finished the pop-up.