See all our workflow nodes.


Create email actions using our drag & drag template builder.


Send and receive WhatsApp messages direct into the CollectIC Inbox.


Need to send an SMS? No problem. You can send and receive SMS workwide.

Text to Speech Call

Create tailored voice messages with text to speech in our 20 offered languages.


Trigger voice calls directly added to your call center software.


Send letters and receive deliver notifications with our Letter API.

3rd Party

Automatically send a case to a 3rd party vendor directly with our API.

Manual Activity

Define your on manual activities such as calling, data research.


Push to other sub-flows such as dispute management or legal flows.


Or get started with some of our standard workflows

Letter to Email

Directly send letters in your own branded styling with an immediate email follow up via any client service.

Email to Voice

Follow up on your email communication channel with a call action call sent direct to your voice queue.

SMS to Payment Plan

Let your debtors move to a payment plan direct from your SMS communication channel.

Contact to Third Party

Leverage a sub-workflow template to automatically send cases from one flow to a third party flow.


Bringing Importer and Workflows together

SFTP connector

Easily connect your SFTP or secure drive to our platform using our ready made, powerful API components.

Data Cleansing

Automatically convert, clean and standardise your data by pre-defining rules via our data cleaning widget.


Leverage the power of our elastic search by matching your data against your own or external data sources!

Manual Review

For cases that are not automatically matched, use our manual review widget that helps define who, what and how can accept low match results.

Portfolio Linking

Once you have matched or created a new debtor, you can define the rules in advance which automatically links your files to customer portfolios or, buckets.