The elegant data handler An all new standard for importing and handling data

Giving your business a good data experience should not require weeks of planning and engineering.

CollectIC Data Importer

DATA HANDLING A seamless experience

We make data importing an effective touchpoint in your debtor journey. CollectIC helps you reduce friction on imports by eliminating the need for your team to rework files prior to upload and increasing the success rate on their first attempt with our easy-to-use, purpose designed interface.

CollectIC Data Upload


CollectIC Data Healthcheck


CollectIC Data Repair


CollectIC Data Match


IMPORT Auto column matching

You now have one solution to meet all your import needs. CollectIC lets you import your files easily and then suggests the best column matching which you can easily adjust if required. Once your done you can save for future imports! All saving you time!

DIAGNOSE Discover missing info

CollectIC validates imported files and then steps you through fixing systematic issues before you potentially abandon the import. There are no dead ends with CollectIC importer.

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Collectic invalid records

REPAIR Cleaner data, earlier

Beyond simply matching columns and spotting missing fields, CollectIC also proactively cleans imported files. Names, phone numbers, percentages, and dates are automatically identified as issues helping you clean your information faster than ever before.

FINALIZE Complete import, send to match

CollectIC helps you capture more of your information without spending time building a custom solution. We bring the joy back to the import process with a focus on speed, accuracy, and guidance.

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